Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer happenings

Join the fun and fellowship at OttawaPlantCycle...

Well,..what can I say. Ive been camera crazy for the last bit photographing whats flowering.I have to share.
This year the garden is crowded with various plants I have collected from members of OttawaPlantCycle .We share, we swap..we give..we recieve.Its all smiling.
David's Columbine

Angelica, idea where I got it

The Wild Phlox is up..purple..white

Pale purple

The daffodil. I only have one, so far

The dug up jerusalem artichokes waiting at the door for a new owner to pick them up. They have spread all over so Its better to contain them. Pretty when they flower. I will photograph them again yet. They will be much taller.

My newly purchased Red Crabapple tree bloomed straight away. It was lovely.

She sits in the middle of the front lawn where the hole used to be . There used to be a fruiting mulberry tree there but the wind caught a carport and tossed it on top of it and litterly split..can we say duct tape anything.

It keeps the smoke bush company.
The duct taped Fruiting Mulberry tree was put in back to R.I.P. ,..but guess came back.

The Hollyhocks are up.Wonder what colour they are. I purchased some Black seed ones last year.

Then I made a birdbath planter.

I like how that turned out

Potted a Chestnut sapling Catt found

Potted all the serviceberry saplings Anita gave me,

It lives on happily Jenn,

It looks like the Spiderwort is doing well.

My Chihuahua "Lady" wanted me to take her pic.."pretend I broke the pot" she says misciefiously,..Hhehe

Last but not least one of my fave's..Geez,..I cannot remember for the life of me the name of it at time of posting this..

There's so much more comming up. I havent uploaded it all to the computer. I'll be right back.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spriiiiing!!..It here!!!

Well its here, last I have been sooo restless.The sun is shinning and promising new growth. I am out and not "IN".
Everything is comming UP!!
Lets look and see what is comming up: )
The Hollyhocks(black?)..

The Sedum

The lilies I recieved from someone in Orleans last year

The Lambs ear is recouping

The tansy is back in full force of course

The rose bush is trying

I "think" this is a fluffy pom pom sunflower thingy from Jen

A tree weathered by the weight from the snow comes back to shape..kinda..Its a mess...sigh..

Then there is that bush with the really lovely rose type flowers..oh my poor memory,..what ARE they called..My brain will never come back

The new tulip bulbs are freshly chewed..thanks there my fellow sqirrels and wabbits..

The dog hair (Gypsy the German Sheperds contribution ) is keeping them at bay somewhat..and the water fountain ornament is smashed from falling ice from the roof.

Hmmmm...maybe I can glue it,..frugal me will find a way..boat glue?
Oh,...and what is that Sedum with the tiny yellow sedum?

The Rain barrels for the Orleans community gardens are waiting to be brought back to the gardens after being stored at our place all winter..

....And finally the pond stares out at me begging to be fixed for another summer.

I think I broke the bottom whilst cleaning it out last year and dropping some rocks into it a little heavy handedly..its ok..i found another by the curb..a bigger one.!..although its not leaking ,..but it will.
Can you guess what this is..?

Its a see through suitcase i found with a cat litter top in it to hold up the sides of the instant mini greenhouse.
Last but not least..Davids loyal Columbine plants are up again this year.

Yes,...Its spring..and after a long, long winter..I'm back in the garden..horray!!
Val : )

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Val's Plant's for Adoption

I am adding some plants that need good homes to the OttawaPlantCycle blog . I dont have enough light and plants are fighting for window space. I have to part with some so they can continue to florish . If you are needing a plant and can offer a nice warm car as transportation you can adopt one of my babes.
1...A leggy Pineapple sage that needs a bright window..

A baby green and white spider plant (cat not included)

A baby Crown Of Thorns that were given to me...

Tell me my name and I am yours...

The goal of OttawaPlantCycle is to learn , grow...and Share..come join the fun and fellowship..

Friday, November 2, 2007

Some Green Tomatoes

Where do I join the fun that is going on.. (Growing like a weed)

Well I had a sneaky feeling about that tempremental weather we have been having lately and pulled mine from the vine early..The Orleans Community gardens also closed and green tomatoes were given to me there also by the ever green loving Orleans Councellor Bob Monette and family . I have offered some up on the not so popular and now closed OttawaFoodshare group, OttawaRecycle and some FullCircles groups also but not so many bites except for Dianes H's request for some with the promse of a green salsa recipe which i used (Thanks Diane).
Here's a pic of the goodies in a jar..

Some Green tomatoes, some water vinegar, sugar,..heck some left over cranberries were thrown in and some onions also.I also made some sweet Jalepeno chutney with canned manderines and jello hehe..the Jalepenoes were from my garden and the Orleans C. Gardens.Here is the lemon Balm hanging up for drying out also.I took some cuttings and hung them up before gifting the plant..

Theres LOTS left but times are slows and no shows are common so i would imagine there is not much life left in these other than MAYBE a salsa..I havent much time time tho and exhausted my offering routine..I think they may end up in the compost..awwww...
NOT!!!!..I made a salsa..

Dont worry. It 's not like me to waste so i will try to save some seeds from them before this inevitable end.My Blackish Tomatoes scored this summer are ripening up to a dark red hue which i will take pics of as soon as i buy batteries for my ever faithful digital to run on.Thanks for the inspiration Telsing..More to come..

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall Harvest

Here are some of the last veggies i picked from in the garden. Looks like the broccoli grew for me..when ya got it..ya got it..

Tiny tomatoes (cherry)

This beautiful Coleus was given away...

Apples galore were given away...this year thanks to a natural pesticide they grew without as much scab...

Even the Stevia bloomed on the left side of the house..quite nicely...its been gifted a herbalist!

Flower in detail..Hi Inge.!

Tomatoes..Tomatars...they have been shared well and used in Diane's Green Tomato Salsa recipe..thanks Diane.!

There were LOTS of Tomatoes grown at the Orleans Community Gardens we helped create this year..with Orleans Councellor Bob closing i couldnt give away enough of them..

Even his wife and kids helped to salvage green tomatoes from the upcomming frost..they are great gardeners..

We cordoned off the Beneficial it didnt get tilled with the rest of the plots..

I picked what i could..I think this is when i got this flu bug...ahh..gardening..